Exposure to Some Faith and Learning Initiatives at a University in East Africa

Malcolm S. Buchanan


The purpose of this article is to expose readers to different initiatives in the area of faith and learning at St. John’s University of Tanzania in East Africa. These initiatives are related to the science discipline. After an introduction the article proceeds by clarifying the terminology ‘integration’ and ‘holistic’ which are used ubiquitously in Christian Higher Education. This followed by a brief discussion of the following initiatives which are at various stages of development:

  • African Journal for Transformational Scholarship (AJTS)

  • Current Perspectives on Science and Faith in Tanzania

  • Science, Faith and Culture

  • Drugs, Religion and Chemistry in Tanzania: An Interactive Seminar for Chemistry Students

  • SJUT Views of Science and Religion Survey 2015

  • Towards A Christian Response to Traditional African Medicine in Tanzania

  • A Technique for Implementing Faith-Shaped Learning using Resources from the Christian Tradition

The hope is that others may ‘learn from’ and ‘be inspired by’ these initiatives and strive to develop their own, within their discipline, to the glory of God and the building of His kingdom.

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