Living Worldviews

Stuart Fowler


Our worldview, our assumptions of normality in life and the world, play a significant role in all of our living. Operating mostly at an unconscious level, they filter information and direct action, giving us a framework on which we can construct meaning. Everything that is perceptible in our environment has the potential to develop or change facets of our worldview beliefs. Where we accept our environment as being ‘normal’ we do not challenge how that environment may be influencing us in subtle ways. One way by which we can see these influences is by having them pointed out to us, and in this article, Stuart Fowler does this with regard to advertising and through the presentation of contrasting cultural, or worldview, beliefs. This is done with references to cultural thinking in African and Latin American settings. Throughout, references are made to biblical passages and biblical thinking, particularly with regard to resisting the influence of advertising and colonising forces that run counter to biblical principles.

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