Soma: An International Journal of Theological Discourses and Counter-Discourses

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Soma is an international, peer-reviewed, open-access theology journal published online in the heart of Africa. The title, Soma, is a hybridized word. In Greek it is a noun. It means "body". In Swahili it is a verb. It means "to read" or "to study". This journal seeks to develop a body of theological knowledge, practice, and reflection across languages, cultures, disciplines and economic backgrounds. In these interstitial spaces and moments theological discourses and theological counter-discourses will emerge. Consequently, while the journal is interested in modern theology generally, it will give priority to theologizing that is consciously done on the boundaries or margins of well-established theological discourses and theologizing that is done on the boundaries or margins of society.

  • Soma is a peer-reviewed international theology journal with the highest standards of academic practice.
  • Soma features the thought and practice of leading theologians from around the world.
  • Soma gives opportunities for "emerging voices" to be heard.
  • Soma gives free access to current and emerging theological thought and practice.


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Fergus King

Emerging Voices

Moses Masala


Jinhyok Kim
Peter John Mkengi
Matthew Tennant