Trinitarian Social Theology as a Response to Secularism

Jinhyok Kim


Book review of Chaos or Control, written by Oxford Anglican theologian Timothy Bradshaw. The book explores how the church can respond to the crisis of religious and civil authority in a secular age. From a "trinitarian" and "Anglican" perspective, Bradshaw offers a compelling argument against the secularist doctrine for marginalizing religion in the public square: trinitarian, because he explores the true nature of authority and the fruitful relationship between the church and society within a comprehensive background of the triune God's dealings with creation; Anglican, in the sense that he draws wide-ranging data and examples from the Anglican communion and modern Britain. Bradshaw suggests that the poles of freedom and form in society constitute a proper setting for conceiving of and exercising authority. Although freedom and form seem to contradict each other in this capitalist and liberal society, their relationship can be radically redefined by situating them within the Christian doctrine of the Trinity.

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