Book Review of Joerg Rieger's Globalization and Theology (2010)

Peter John Mkengi


Book review article of Joerg Rieger's Globalization and Theology (Abingdon Press, 2010). Soma was launched with a series of articles relating to empire. One of the launch articles was written by Joerg Rieger. It is his book Globalization and Theology, which the present article reviews. Rieger points out at the beginning of his book that the term globalization appears to be ubiquitous. It is a term that can be associated with politics, economics, culture, entertainment, and theology. But, what does the term mean and, more importantly, what is the practical theological import of globalization? In considering such a question, in light of Christian histories, Rieger is correct in his judgment that "...Christian theology and globalization are not two separate subjects" (p.1).


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